2013 Volkswagen Gol more Modern

Volkswagen Gol
Volkswagen Gol 2-door 2013 will be first present at Sao Paulo Motor Show 2012. New VW Gol exterior more fresher tha the previous model. Refresher exterior such as; grille, lights front/rear, front bumper/rear, and the door baggage. Volkswagen Gol interior re-designed so more modern. 
VW Gol

VW prepared a choice of 1.0 liter engine and a 1.6 liter. For 25 years the Volkswagen Gol is the best-selling car in Brazil, the VW version. Volkswagen Gol sold in a four-door version and a two-door, and an entry-level model VW in Brazil.
New VW Gol
VW Gol Interior

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